Web Audio, The Top Of The Wave

You can now put audio anywhere that you can put html
code or even just a link to your .mp3 file will work.

So many uses, so many options. You have to admit, it’s
really starting to show up everywhere. Don’t be left
behind. The internet is changing so rapidly that,
you’re either on top of the wave or you’re just
floating around aimlessly.

Here is just some of the things you can do with

Audio Ads/Audio Website: If you have a website selling
anything, you can add audio, with or without audio
buttons showing, right in your sales letter. You’ve
probably heard that people remember a whole lot more
of what they hear on the internet opposed to what they
read and that it even increases your credibility when
people can put a voice to the person trying to sell
them something.

Audio Testimonials: Now you can add a whole lot more
credibility to your website by getting some of your
satisfied customers to give you an audio testimonial
and put them right on your sales page so everyone who
visits your site can hear how great your product works
for others.

Audio Email/Postcards: It’s not so uncommon anymore to
receive audio Email/Postcards. Earlier this month I
even sent one to my sister with myself and my wife
singing Happy Birthday. I even thought about spending
more time on this singing/recording thing, but my
sister suggested that I steer away from that idea and
keep doing what I’m doing now. Not sure why she said
that, but I guess I should take her advise, she has a
pretty good head on her shoulders.

Audio Newsletters: You can send your newsletters with
audio or send an email with a link to your audio
newsletter on your website. It’s just so much more
convenient for your readers to listen more and read
less. The more convenient it is for them, the better
it is for you.

Audio Auctions: Audio is showing up on auctions now. I
must admit, when I click on an auction and someone
starts talking to me, it does get my attention.

Audio Ebooks: Looking for a niche to get into? Audio
ebooks are a natural. I’m not suggesting that you
replace a childs mother with a computer, but imagine
settling your child down for a nap and hitting the
start button on your computer so your child could hear
an audio ebook of some classic fairy tales. And that’s
just one example. So many topics, so many categories,
so many ways to go.

Audio Courses: Produce professional audio courses on
any topic. Make a series of them, step1, step2, step3,
etc. Put it on your website and include graphics and
screen shots. Again, so many topics, so many
categories, so many ways to go.

You can also put your sermon, song, speech, or stories
on your website, message boards, blogs or anywhere
else that you can put a few lines of html code or even
just a link to an .mp3 file.

Remember, It’s Fast, It’s Easy and It’s Fun.

Again, don’t be left behind. The internet is changing
so rapidly that, you’re either on top of the wave or
your just floating around aimlessly.

One last thing, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but
most all the big name internet marketers are using
audio in one form or another. That tells me that it’s

Audio Internet Marketing – Seven Top Ways Audio Can Influence Purchases

Adding audio to your websites and blog is a great way to increase the content your offer visitors. Audio provides a new communication strategy that broadens your product offerings and marketing tools and motivates purchases. Here are seven top ways audio can help to motivate purchases as an internet marketing tool.

Audio in Internet Marketing

1. Audio is one of the best ways to let people you may never meet in person get to know your personality. This is one of your biggest assets as the owner of a small business and audio makes it extremely easy to communicate your personality to your audience and target market group. By listening to you, people can come to like you as a person. Psychology shows that people will be more likely to purchase from you as a result. Use audio messages to connect with your audience and influence them to get to know and like you. Even a simple welcome message is a great start.

2. Audio helps promote you as an expert in your field. People buy from people or companies they consider to be an authority or expert in the industry. Audio is an exceptional tool for you to use to demonstrate your authority on your niche topic as it lets you provide extended information in a short period of time. Even 5 minutes of hearing you speak with authority has a lot of impact. Produce how to audio messages, interviews and lessons as tools to demonstrate your authority on a topic.

3. Audio Adds Proof. People often make purchasing decisions based on the opinions of others. This is called using social proof. This opinion is particularly important if those “others” are people your target market respects, admires, or desire to be like. Easily tap into this social proof trigger by interviewing experts in your field and posting audio testimonials on your website.

4. Audio is easy to produce. Nothing beats the ease of producing an audio product. You can use free audio software such as Audacity or purchase audio recording software to use. Normally all you need is a good microphone that hooks right into your computer to start recording audios. You can write out a script or talk about what you know without one. An audio can be completed in a few minutes and uploaded to your website for your target group to hear.

5. Audio is versatile. You can easily take the audio you produce and create other information products. Get the audio transcribed and you can have an ebook, book or home study program. That means, you do the audio once and recreate it into many different, effective formats. Learning to work with audio is a valuable tool in this modern business world.

6. Audio is transportable. Because you can download an audio file to an ipod or other portable device, it remains one of the most popular ways to share information. Being able to transport the audio to other areas makes it highly convenient. Being able to listen to recordings at will when it’s convenient increases the audience base.

7. Audio is Comforting. People love to recognize a voice. Don’t you enjoy hearing the voice of your favorite person on the telephone? What about hearing an actor in the distance; doesn’t that peak your interest? The same goes when people start to get accustomed to your voice. Hearing a familiar voice can be very comforting to people. Let people get to know you through your audios and you create a fan base, while developing and growing your business opportunities.

Expand your internet marketing possibilities and tools by exploring the dynamics of using audio. You can upload audio to websites, blogs and social networking sites with ease. Audio can easily be expanded into audio programs, information products and other radio shows.

Reel in More Clients by Using Audio on Your Web Site

OK, so you have a web site up. Chances are, your site is mute. You may have pretty graphics on it, but if there’s no sound you’re missing a lot. If you’re a solopreneur, using audio will be one more way you can establish a personal connection in an effort to create a relationship with your audience (i.e. visitors to your web site).

What is streaming audio? This powerful technology is very simple to implement. If you know how to edit and update your own web pages, you will be able to add sound to them. The technology is based on Macromedia Flash, that is already installed on almost every computer. Flash provides the technology to play audio (and video), however you will need one of the tools discussed here to provide the missing link in the audio on the web puzzle.

Two kinds of solutions are available: simple, low-cost, stand-alone computer programs that record/convert to Flash format, and subscription-based online services that offer all the bells and whistles.

(N.B. The programs and services are listed in ascending order of cost and features)

Stand-alone solutions (“pay once, use forever”)

If you are OK with updating your site yourself, or have a virtual assistant helping you, one of these two programs will be ideal for you. The benefit of using your own software is that you pay a small licensing fee once and you can use the software for as long as you like.

Impact Web Audio (PC only) This software for MS Windows provides an easy way to add new or existing audio recordings to your web pages. Feature highlights:

* record your web audio using a microphone;

* import an existing recording that you made elsewhere, for example, you could record and edit your tele-seminar;

* add a music background track to your audio (see and hear my home page);

* select the size, colour and style of the player control buttons to match your web site;

* generates the code and a few files you need to upload to your web site.

SonicMemo (PC and Mac versions)

* Doesn’t have recording capability, relies instead on you to provide your audio in MP3 format (this is not a deficiency because there are many free audio recording programs available);

* greater selection of player styles, such as one-, three- or five-button, and colours to match your style;

* ability to encrypt your recordings for protection;

* allows you to track your audio programs, e.g. if people listen to the complete recording or bail out after 10 seconds;

* send audio by email (call it audio emails, or audio postcard);

* redirect web visitors to a new page after the audio completes;

* uploads your audio to your site with built-in FTP.

Full-featured version for a small one-time fee, free version also available with basic functionality.

One last note on software solutions: regardless of which program/service you use to prepare the audio for the web, once your recording is posted on your web pages it will play on any computer, PC or Mac.

Online Service Providers

There are two main players in this arena: Audio Acrobat and Audio Generator. These two service providers offer fairly similar features and benefits for those of you who are either too busy to tinker with your own solutions that the software programs provide, and don’t mind paying a monthly service fee, or simply need the extra features that are available. You will still need to update your web site yourself, by inserting some code that is generated for you.

Both Audio Acrobat and Audio Generator offer a full spectrum of features that may be appealing to your particular line of business. Here’s a quick list of the main features:

* record and store unlimited number of audio messages;

* record messages by phone, microphone, or upload existing recordings;

* record your tele-seminars or other conference-type calls (Audio Acrobat only);

* use audio on any number of web sites and web pages;

* send audio messages by email (audio postcards).

* record customer testimonials by phone, regardless of where they are located.

* powerful statistics on how your audio messages are played

* add video to your web pages and emails (included with Audio Acrobat, extra with Audio Generator)

I advise you to visit both web sites and compare the cost and features. Both Audio Acrobat and Audio Generator offer a trial period during which you can explore the system to see which one fits your needs and budget the best. If I were to choose between the two, I’d pick Audio Acrobat because it’s cheaper and includes video. However, Audio Generator has a tremendous feature called “Super Testimonials” which you have to see in action to understand how powerful it is.

One last note: Since these are service providers, your audio messages will not be stored on your own server. Make sure you back up your recordings often in case you decide to cancel your account or your service provider encounters technical problems or goes out of business. This is especially critical with irreplaceable content such as live tele-seminars and client testimonials.

In conclusion Use audio (and video) to attract more clients and customers, describe your services or products, or in many other creative ways. Audio is so powerful, that one test shows that placing audio on an order page increased the conversion rate by more than 300% — this alone may be reason enough for you to consider using audio on you web site today!